Servicing Your Cooling System in Time for Summer

It’s official! Summer is here! Whilst summer brings beach days and trips to the pool, it also brings the sweltering heat that no one wants to suffer through. With freedom on the horizon, now would be the time to get in quick to service those old units or get a new one installed!

Director of Oz Air Group, Adam Wozniak and the team who have been in the industry for decades, knows the importance of having servicing and maintenance during the hotter months. Experts in installing, upkeep, choosing the right system and product purchasing, Oz Air will ensure that everything is running smoothly for you.

“Unfortunately, systems can be misused and abused without our clients realising. Over time, air-conditioning units gather dust particles, dirt and skin follicles, which can be bad for your health.”

Most systems need to be serviced around the six month mark to keep it running at peak condition. If not properly maintained, not only may the machines be put under a fair bit of stress, warranties may be voided.

“We understand that AC owners might want to skip over servicing. It’s easy to forget about it and think you’re saving money. But avoiding it could cost more in the long run, with smaller issues turning into bigger, more expensive problems. That’s why it’s best to have scheduled maintenance, even just for a peace of mind.”

Oz Air has two types of services - standard and premium. Standard services include inspection and cleaning, antibacterial treatments, temperature testing, reports on the unit and safety testing. Premium services include additional extras such as removing the air-con cover to sanitise the unit and the removal of mould and drain build-up. Click here to see which one would suit you best.

We work seven days a week, residential or commercial, and welcome emergency call outs. We install sustainable and well-branded air-conditioning units, heating, and split-systems. Our team are all licensed electricians, based all over Melbourne and in regional Victoria.

“No matter where you are and when you need us, we’ll be there. We’ve got your back. Our customers have always been our main priority.”

So call us today at 1300 069 247 or shoot us a message through our contact form. We look forward to lockdown coming to an end and helping the community enjoy their new or serviced units!

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